[whatwg] New HTML5 spec GIT collaboration repository

Geoffrey Sneddon gsneddon at opera.com
Tue Jul 28 02:00:23 PDT 2009

Manu Sporny wrote:
> Cameron McCormack wrote:
>> Manu Sporny:
>>>> 3. Running the Anolis post-processor on the newly modified spec.
>> Geoffrey Sneddon:
>>> Is there any reason you use --allow-duplicate-dfns?
>> I think it’s because the source file includes the source for multiple
>> specs (HTML 5, Web Sockets, etc.) which, when taken all together, have
>> duplicate definition.  Manu’s Makefile will need to split out the
>> HTML 5 specific parts (between the <!--START html5--> and <!--END
>> html5--> markers).  The ‘source-html5 : source’ rule in
>> http://dev.w3.org/html5/spec-template/Makefile will handle that.
> What a great answer, Cameron! I wish I had thought of that :)

Ah, that's true. I was assuming he was working on the split-up spec.

> Yes, that will become an issue in time and was going to have a chat with
> Geoffrey about how to modify Anolis to handle that as well as handling
> what happens when there is no definitions when building the
> cross-references (perhaps having a formatter warnings section in the file?).

Handle that in what way? The correct way, as far as I can see, is to do 
what Ian does, which is to call Anolis on the already-split up spec. 
What do you mean about warnings? Just if there's an instance of a term 
which isn't defined? That can't be done, because it would mean that 
every abbr, code, i, span and var element would have to be an instance 
(whereas they can perfectly fine exist without being one).

It's probably worth throwing an error/warning when data-anolis-xref is 
set and it is unknown, though. (But that will probably change to data-xref.)

> I also spoke too soon, Geoffrey, --allow-duplicate-dfns is needed
> because of this error when compiling Ian's spec:
> The term "dom-sharedworkerglobalscope-applicationcache" is defined more
> than once
> I'm probably doing something wrong... haven't had a chance to look at
> Cameron's Makefile pointer yet, so "--allow-duplicate-dfns" is in there
> for now.

I expect you are doing something wrong, because that doesn't exist in 
Ian's copy. :)

With regards to tracking Anolis, your free to pull it in if you want, 
but you probably don't want to track it too closely (currently there 
haven't been any major changes from 1.0, though they are coming soon, so 
it may get a miss less stable). I tend to ping James (Graham) provided 
it's stable, so he can update pimpmyspec.net, and I can try and remember 
to ping you too.

Geoffrey Sneddon — Opera Software

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