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Mike Weissenborn mike_weissenborn at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 9 20:59:08 PDT 2009

For some reason tonight I decided to check on what up coming in the new HTML5 and have some questions, queries and concerns.  I hope I'm not too being redundent with other comments:

1) I've usedframes in many web pages, and I see this is being dropped.  I typically have a selection frame and a result frame.  So links clicked on in the 1st frame show up in the second frame.   I then never have to worry about managing what's in each frame.  For many pages I can likely use a block element like a DIV, but my ISP has size limitations and I have spread my pages onto several sites.   I have no problems switching to something else but I didn't see anything in the specs except opening a new window to accomplish this.   If something else is being used, how will this be compatible with older browsers.

2) I am perhaps one of the few I know to use Xforms and I am excited about being able to have like capabilities in all browsers.  The implementation image I saw looked somewhat different and didn't really describe  what new, changed or obsolete.  Personally I want the same capabilities of Xforms; being able to save locally, FTP. or URL and this wasn't really identified.  I don't mind having to make change, I just wamt it to work.

Still on Xforms I would like additional functionality, I think you may have dealt with, is being able to reformat/reorder the data via CSS or a datagrid to a format the user wishes the data to be viewwed in.  Obviously this may be define via code, but I'm hoping the WebForms implementation will allow for things such as sortable columns,, re-order columns,  hide/show columns...

I don't know if the subject of data binding has ever come up.  I  like the data binding in IE, however other browsers don't support this ability and I have to use binding in IE and Xforms for firefox.  I would really benifit from being able to use the same code for both.  I did notice a Local Storage componenet, which I hope some consistent client call  can be done to  Post or Sync these to a URL...

3) Xforms or not, I hope anything displayable can be formated appropriately using CSS.  There seems to be many browser specific formating settings, is there a way to consolidate these with this release to iliminate or reduce browse specific CSS settings.

4) not being able to implement #3, somehow within CSS it would then be nice to be able have some type of IF statement so additional CSS can be included or excluded for non-complient browsers...   Even down the road, the ability to include/exclude imports based on broweser capabilities could benifit many.  Unless defined, browser builders will continue to build there own settings.  Im sure this is out of your control, but perhaps an IF isn't.  I hate the idea of having to create a different presentation based on the browser, but how does one ever ensure someones browser is compatable or the content is dsiplayed appropriately.

5) On the CSS, I'm sure builders/browser developer would love an XML format.   If there are no CSS format changes perhaps this can be identified as a future enhancement/direction.  CSS seems to be areal oddball format compared to everything else.

6)  I did see some comment about user defined variables in the FAQ.  I see know reason why if enbed something called <MIKE> in an html file and the CSS attributes should handle whatever needs to be displayed in whatever format.  No CSS=No display.  The same as it works now..

I hope I didn't ask too many questions in one email.  

I also prefer e-mail as I don't check wiki's for responses everyday as this is an at home project, and even at work I would have less time.  Thanks for creating this option others haven't.


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