[whatwg] Vulgar fractions

Øistein E. Andersen liszt at coq.no
Mon Jun 8 17:31:20 PDT 2009

Le 3 juin 09 à 23:53, Ian Hickson a écrit :
> Since HTML5 supports MathML natively now, it seems that MathML is the
> solution to use [for vulgar fractions].

There does not seem to be any real support for vulgar fractions in  
MathML (neither as specified nor as currently implemented).  I agree  
that adding such support to MathML might make more sense than adding  
another way of encoding fractions to HTML proper, though, — *if* mark- 
up is needed — despite limited use of vulgar fractions in mathematics.

Le 4 juin 09 à 02:40, Jonas Sicking a écrit :
> Actually, it seems to me that the best solution is for browsers to
> support the unicode fraction slash [U+2044], unless that has too bad
> performance problems.
> Øistein: Have you talked to any browser vendor to see if there's a
> reason they don't support this yet? At least firefox supports
> ligatures these days which is somewhat similar.

I have not approached any browser makers yet, and I am not aware of  
any good reason for not supporting the fraction slash. Now, you are  
obviously aware of the issue and presumably in a situation to follow  
it up. Let me know if there is anything I can do to make it more  
likely for this feature to be considered for addition to Firefox  
(apart from actually implementing it myself).

Øistein E. Andersen

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