[whatwg] H.264-in-<video> vs plugin APIs

Frank Hellenkamp jonas at depagecms.net
Sat Jun 13 12:06:13 PDT 2009


Mike Shaver wrote:
> If Youtube is held back by client compatibility, they should be glad
> that we're working hard to move ~25% of the web to having Theora
> support in the near future!  Google could help that cause a lot by
> putting (well-encoded, ahem) Theora up there, even if it's just in the
> experimental /html5 area.  It wouldn't hurt to use the reference
> libraries rather than ffmpeg for the client either, since we've found
> significant differences in quality of experience there.

Just a short comment about "market share":

Well, the thing is (perhabs unfortunately because of patents and
liscensing) that you can use h264 with the video tag (in safari and
chrome), but at the same time you can send the same video to every old
browser with the flash player 9 or 10, because it also supports h264,
which means IE 6/7/8, old Safari, Firefox, Opera etc.

And there is the iPhone and Android.

With Theora, you cannot do this.

All in all it looks like, it's very hard to beat h246 at the moment.

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