[whatwg] Cue range implementation?

Sam Dutton Sam.Dutton at bbc.co.uk
Mon Jun 15 06:46:57 PDT 2009

Have addCueRange and removeCueRanges been implemented in any browser yet? I've looked at nightly builds of Firefox and Safari (on Windows, at least) but they don't seem to be there.

Has there been any further discussion since the thread last year (Re: [whatwg] re-thinking "cue ranges") about whether an event or callback model would be better? 

I can imagine cue ranges being extremely useful for handling all kinds of timed changes to content: not just annotations or subtitling. We've been working with JavaScript/JSON to implement timed changes to CSS and HTML, relative to a 'time parent' such as a video, as well as 'custom events' such as chapter changes. Cue ranges would make the implementation of this kind of timed presentation much more efficient and straightforward.  

Sam Dutton

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