[whatwg] drawImage() - image argument description for animation

OmegaJunior omegajunior at omegajunior.net
Mon Jun 22 14:48:37 PDT 2009

Currently the drawImage() function defines the following behaviour for
its image argument if that happens to represent an animation:

"When the drawImage() method is passed, as its image argument, an
HTMLImageElement representing an animated image, the poster frame of
the animation, or the first frame of the animation if there is no
poster frame, must be used."

This seems grammatically incorrect (but isn't). However, I found it a
bit convoluted, and had to read it several times before understanding
what was intended. Perhaps the following improves its transparency:

"If the HTMLImageElement passed to the drawImage() method represents
an animation, then the poster frame of that animation, or its first
frame if there is no poster frame, must be used."

I'll argue that mentioning that the image is supposed to be passed as
the method's image argument appears redundant, which means it can be
omitted without losing accuracy.


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