[whatwg] MediaElement enhancement - preservesPitch attribute

Brady Eidson beidson at apple.com
Tue Jun 23 12:41:10 PDT 2009

 From  "If the playbackRate is not 1.0, the user agent may  
apply pitch adjustments to the audio as necessary to render it  

While pitch correction is certainly desirable a lot of the time, we've  
found that it is also desirable to disable pitch correction on  
demand.  Content authors might *prefer* the "chipmunk" effect during  
faster playback or the "stretched low voice" effect during slower  

As such, WebKit just added a new attribute to the MediaElement called  
"webkitPreservesPitch."  For now it defaults to true, as the default  
playback behavior for our main ports has been to do pitch correction.   
But by setting it to false, author's can get the chipmunk/stretch  
effect when they desire.

Hopefully other folks will like this idea and we could add the  
"preservesPitch" attribute to the MediaElement so we could drop the  
webkit prefix on this!


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