[whatwg] ThePirateBay.org take advantage of HTML5's <VIDEO>

Sam Arthur Allen dev at atshop3d.com
Sun Jun 28 01:13:42 PDT 2009

Word just came in from TorrentFreak that ThePirateBay.org have been 
working on a streaming video website for countless months that takes 
advantage of the free media formats OGG, Theora and Vorbis.

While filesharing in itself is a controversial subject, this will place 
HTML5's <VIDEO> and <AUDIO> tag--and more importantly the OGG 
Theora+Vorbis multimedia format--in the spotlight of countless people.

This is also convenient for FireFox (and GNU IceCat) as the new point 
release version is getting closer to its official public release.

Congratulations to ThePirateBay.org team for making this possible.

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