[whatwg] Persistent SharedWorkers

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Fri Mar 6 14:11:34 PST 2009

Drew Wilson wrote:
> - Permissions:
> Installing a persistent worker is essentially giving a web application a 
> near-permanent footprint on your PC - we need explicit permission from 
> the user, and we need some mechanism in the user agent to revoke this 
> permission. There are a number of examples of similar 
> permission-granting user flows (ActiveX installation, plugin install, 
> gears) which we could use as a model for our "grant/revoke permission" UI.

I think it'd be great if these things could behave in almost all 
respects like an extension or plugin that's been installed by other 
means. For Firefox it'd show up in the "Add-ons" dialog, for example.

As a user, I don't really want to care which mechanism a site is using 
to install its extension, so having them all listed together regardless 
of whether they're NSAPI plugins, Gecko extensions or persistant workers 
would be nice.

In some ways, it seems like effectively what you're trying to achieve is 
a standardized approach to Gecko extensions or Browser Helper Objects or 
whatever, hopefully also associated with some kind of permissions model 
that constrain what the extension is allowed to do in the browser to a 
greater extent than allowed by traditional extensions.

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