[whatwg] multiple <tbody>s in <table>

ddailey ddailey at zoominternet.net
Thu Mar 19 13:25:29 PDT 2009

I recall a while back trying to figure out how to style columns of a complex table that occured below the nth
row of a table. I discovered that if I just used <col style> and moved those <col>'s down to the appropriate row,
IE was okay with that and did what I wanted but the other browsers not only didn't but became very upset with me.

So instead, I created multiple <tbody> tags and applied the styling cols just before the second <tbody>.

It rather worked (or at least it did for most web users). Nowadays, the trick still seems to work in IE, but causes just as much problem in other browsers (and maybe a wee bit more) as it used to.

I gather from my cursory look at the treatment of <table> and <tbody> in HTML5, that my legacy content should be resuscitated in HTML5. Am I correct in thinking that <tbody> will function sort of like <colgroup> but for rows instead of columns and that applying separate styles to different <tbody>s in a table will be the way to do things in the spec?


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