[whatwg] Input type for phone numbers

Boris Zbarsky bzbarsky at MIT.EDU
Tue Mar 31 10:22:14 PDT 2009

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> While I sympathize with the desire to see current HTML5 form controls 
> implemented first, frankly, we would be more interested in implementing 
> <input type="tel"> than the six different date/time controls currently 
> in HTML5. It seems to me that entering a phone number is much more 
> common than entering any kind of date at all, and certainly more common 
> than entering a month or a week.

It'd be interesting to get some data here, for sure.  I don't enter 
phone numbers on websites unless I'm registering for something for the 
first time and it absolutely requires one (not that common, unless they 
expect to actually interact with you via phone).

On the other hand, I enter dates at least 5 times a month (scheduling 
electronic payments for gas, electricity, credit cards, rent).  Any time 
I plan travel I enter a whole bunch of dates (orbitz, expedia, trying 
different days if my dates are flexible, etc).

Of course this is all anecdotal evidence, which is where data would be 

I agree that entering a week is pretty rare, though.  ;)


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