[whatwg] section 3 top headers

Shelley Powers shelleyp at burningbird.net
Sat May 2 08:38:44 PDT 2009

More on HTML5 draft review:

Your top level section headers in Section 3 don't make a lot of sense.

In particular, you insert a section on the paragraph element, at the 
same top level that you reference all HTML elements. Why did you plunk 
the paragraph in as a separate section? And I'm also assuming I misread 
the bit about other elements straddling paragraphs. I'm assuming you 
don't mean that something like

And let's look at the section headers:

Content Models
APIs in HTML documents
Dynamic Markup insertion

There's no cohesive pattern to this section. One moment you're talking 
about Elements in the DOM, the next paragraph elements. And you're 
actually defining the paragraph element, but the elements are described 
fully in Section 4. Where you also describe the paragraph element.

That's a lot of jumping around for folks.

More later


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