[whatwg] Spec should require UAs to have control to mute/ pause audio/ video

James Graham jgraham at opera.com
Thu May 7 08:25:40 PDT 2009

Bruce Lawson wrote:
> This may already be in the spec, but I couldn't find it.
> I think the spec should explicity require UAs to provide a mehanism to
> mute audio and to pause video, even if the controls attribute is not set.

This would not make sense in some situations e.g. for a UA designed to 
play in-store video adverts (which I hate by the way :) ). In general 
the spec does not and should not mandate or constrain UI, although it 
does sometimes make suggestions (in general I am rather against this 
because the people that are good at writing technical specifications are 
rarely the same people who are good at designing UI, so such suggestions 
are often not that great. And UI is an area in which browsers should be 
allowed to compete).

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