[whatwg] <video>/<audio> feedback

David Singer singer at apple.com
Thu May 7 12:04:20 PDT 2009

At 8:39  +0200 5/05/09, KÞi”tof Îelechovski wrote:
>If the author wants to show only a sample of a resource and not the full
>resource, I think she does it on purpose.  It is not clear why it is vital
>for the viewer to have an _obvious_ way to view the whole resource instead;
>if it were the case, the author would provide for this.

It depends critically on what you think the 
semantics of the fragment are.  In HTML (the best 
analogy I can think of), the web page is not 
trimmed or edited in any way -- you are merely 
directed to one section of it.

I am also aware that browsers that don't 
implement fragments will also show the whole 
resource;  so authors can't rely on he trimming.

Given both of these, I tend towards using # as a 
focus of attention;  if trimming is desired, the 
server should probably do it (maybe using ?).

David Singer
Multimedia Standards, Apple Inc.

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