[whatwg] Annotating structured data that HTML has nosemanticsfor

Kristof Zelechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
Fri May 15 08:51:09 PDT 2009

Links do not contribute to the behavior the meaning of the text contained
within them and not to its meaning. which does not depend on whether the
link is broken or not.  Moreover, whether the linked resource can be
retrieved at all depends on the URI scheme, as in href="mailto:user at domain".
The advertised advantage of CURIE prefixes is that the metadata declaration
can be retrieved and looked up, and that can influence the meaning of the
text thus marked.  Therefore, link rot is a bigger problem for CURIE
prefixes than for links.

I think the original URL corresponding to a reversed domain prefix is
irrelevant, and attempts to reconstruct it are futile anyway.  Nonexistent
features are better than features that decay progressively, at least as far
as a specification is concerned.

Best regards,

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