[whatwg] Removing the need for separate feeds

Adrian Sutton adrian.sutton at ephox.com
Fri May 22 06:02:41 PDT 2009

On 22/05/2009 13:32, "Philip Taylor" <excors+whatwg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Perhaps a page like http://philip.html5.org/data.html - people might
> want to subscribe in their feed reader to see all the exciting
> updates, and the markup is all hand-written. It's not at all like a
> blog, but maybe it's data that could be usefully represented with
> Atom.

There are four articles on that page - do they really update often enough to
warrant anything more than just adding plain If-Modified support to
feedreaders and displaying the whole page when it changes?

Given the arguments for justifying the cost of additional attributes I've
seen go by on this list, this is probably the weakest I've seen and somehow
it made it into the draft.

HTML 5 doesn't need to solve every possible problem, nor should it try to.


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