[whatwg] page refresh and resubmitting POST state

Mike Wilson mikewse at hotmail.com
Sat May 23 07:38:02 PDT 2009

Kornel Lesinski wrote:
> Do you think that solution suggested by RFC 2616 13.13 is not 
> appropriate?

It does not define what to do at page refresh, only history
traversal, as far as I can see.

> Is Opera's solution of this problem not good enough?

I think you are missing the point I am describing. I don't know
if you develop Web Applications and are acquainted with the
workarounds I've mentioned (conversation ids etc), but if you 
don't then it is probably hard to see my point ;-).

Anyway, I respect your opinion that page refresh is enough
well-defined by RFC 2616 and the Opera implementation, and
doesn't need coverage in the HTML5 spec.


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