[whatwg] Contingency plans

Elizabeth Castro lcastro at cookwood.com
Mon Nov 2 14:52:23 PST 2009

I've noticed a couple of instances in which the spec gives the content  
model for a given element, like for example, the hgroup element  
contains one or more of h1, h2, etc., and then specifies what should  
happen even if the element doesn't contain what it's supposed to, as  
here where we learn what an hgroup's rank should be if it is empty:

> The rank of an hgroup element is the rank of the highest-ranked h1– 
> h6 element descendant of the hgroup element, if there are any such  
> elements, or otherwise the same as for an h1 element (the highest  
> rank).

It seems like it's implying that it's OK for the hgroup to not follow  
its own content model.

Or is it just saying what should happen if it is erroneously empty?

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