[whatwg] <model/>: A 3D Equivalent to <img/>

Brian Blakely anewpage.media at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 15:41:10 PST 2009

Additional clarification on this proposal:

A "model" Element Never Becomes a Wafer

Right now, if you try to act on conventional HTML elements with 3D
CSS, those elements become wafers.

See here: http://webkit.org/blog/386/3d-transforms/

One of the primary goals of embedding a 3D object (even a static,
non-interactive one) is that it can be rotated and translated in CSS
without losing its dimensional properties.  "globe.xml" will always
appear round, at any rotation degree, rather than like a cracker, as a
<canvas/> or <img/> would.

-Brian MB

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