[whatwg] <model/>: A 3D Equivalent to <img/>

Brian Blakely anewpage.media at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 16:26:23 PST 2009


* Though it does not have properties for clipping, Webkit's proposed
implementation of 3D CSS does have them for perspective.  Clipping,
lighting, texture stretching and additional considerations could also
be a part of that spec, but those are discussions for the CSS WG.

Without a 3D media element, none of that work can be done.

* This proposal of a model  can be considered a direct 3D analog to a
PNG, and its height and width could certainly be modified in the X-Y
axes on which 2D elements live, affecting document flow in that

* Webkit's implementation of CSS does not remove 3D-ified elements
from the document flow, the perspective of that flow is merely changed
only for the affected elements.  3D and 2D elements can exist
side-by-side that way as well.


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