[whatwg] Proposal: Extension to the base element

Chris Taylor Chris.Taylor at figureout.com
Mon Nov 9 07:42:57 PST 2009

David Workman said:
> I'd suggest using an attribute over a type specifier too. Not
> only does it have the problem Marius spotted, but if you
> specified a type attribute then you have much more difficulty
> displaying content of the same type from both a CDN and dynamic
> user content in the same page (such as in a social networking
> site, displaying user-uploaded images from one location and
> the static images for the site layout from a CDN).
> Other than that, I think this would be a good addition that
> would make <base> much more usable in dynamic sites.

David, can you clarify what you mean by attribute, please? Do you mean an attribute on each element to specify which <base> it is to reference? Like this pseudo-code:

<base href="http://cdn.provider.com/" id="cdn">

<base href="http://www.mysite.com/images/" id="images">

<base href="http://youtube.com/" id="video">

<img src="image-from-cdn.jpg" base="cdn" alt="Image from CDN">

<img src="image-from-mysite.jpg" base=" images " alt="Image from mysite.com">

<video src="video1234.mpg" base="cdn" alt="Video from YouTube">

Or do you mean something else? Apologies for sounding dim, my brain is on strike today.


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