[whatwg] Experiments in end-tag attributes

Schuyler Duveen whatwg at graffitiweb.org
Tue Oct 6 11:19:59 PDT 2009

The html-parsing section of the spec and the browsers I've tested [1]
seem to be doing the right thing, however I'd love if this was noted as
a conforming pattern.  Probably more testing is prudent.

<p id="something-here">
  [ massive bloviation and many inner tags
Not-well indented p-tags
   </p> <!-- ad hoc solution! comment: id="something-here" -->

<p id="something-here">
</p id="something-here">

If it was noted as specifically conformant, this could possibly help
parsers in some cases, including the human variety.

Schuyler Duveen

[1] Firefox, Safari, Chromium linux trunk, IE8

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