[whatwg] framesets

Markus Ernst derernst at gmx.ch
Fri Oct 9 14:51:27 PDT 2009

Peter Brawley schrieb:
> Eduard,
>  >Everything that can be achieved with <frameset> can be done through
>  ><table>+<iframe>.
> If that's so, someone ought to be able to point at some examples.
I think that the discussion if or not there may be a use case where 
framesets are "good" is not the point.

> Supposing that someone can produce examples, the argument for removing 
> frames from HTML5 becomes: "frameset has been in HTML till now, /but is 
> being removed because we do not like it/. If you insist on such use 
> cases, re-architect them." That's a misuse of standards.

This is rather the point. There might be a use case where dictatorship 
is good - only a dictator might i.e. make laws to really protect the 
environment, which would not be possible in a democracy. There might 
even be a use case where chemical weapons are good - they might i.e. 
serve to fight a rat plague somewhere in a third-world country. Still we 
(well, I hope most of us) *do not like* dictatorship and chemical 
weapons. This is reason enough to try to contribute to a world where 
they are not wide-spread.

So, if the people who discuss and define the HTML5 standard *do not 
like* framesets, it is IMO reason enough for them to take them out of 
this standard. This will, as stated already by several posters, not 
prevent you from using a frameset to do something "good" with it, and 
you will be as safe as you are now, as UAs will support legacy content 
for the years to come.

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