[whatwg] The banner-role for headers

Yuvalik Webdesign postmaster at yuvalik.org
Mon Oct 12 05:39:23 PDT 2009

> From: Ian Hickson 
> > Which makes sense to me, a banner is not a header. In other words, if
> > <header> implies a banner-role, it may only be used once on a page
> > unless that role is overridden for additional <header>s. Is this an
> > oversight in the spec or is this to remain like this? If so, how
> should
> > this contradiction be approached by designers/developers.
> That's an oversight. What would be a better ARIA role to use for
> <header>?

I am no expert, but looking at the ARIA spec, I doubt there is a role that fits the <header> element. The closest I can find is the "heading" role, but that is more closely related to, and already implemented on <Hx> and <hgroup>.

I see three possibilities, but anybody feel free to comment on these:

1) Don't give <header> an implied ARIA-role.
2) Give <header> the "header" role.
3) Leave the "banner" role, but give clear instructions on the fact that it may only be used once and how to remove the role from subsequent <header>s.

Personally I think 3) is *not* workable.


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