[whatwg] Some discrepencies and example remarks

Yuvalik Webdesign postmaster at yuvalik.org
Mon Oct 12 10:35:35 PDT 2009

> From: Tab Atkins Jr.
> Definitely not; it's part of the application.  From your snippet, the 
> page seems to be built as a picture-app, which means both the image 
> and the thumbnails work together; neither is tangential to the purpose 
> of the page like a sidebar would be.

I think this is the core of the "problem". There is a large grey area where design and development overlap. Most designers would most definitely *not* call this an app, but I guess most developers would.
The line between designer and developer is not clearly marked, there is consensus on both side of the spectrum at the end, but the more you get towards the middle, the less clear it becomes.
Suppose the example I gave looks like this:

<iframe src="example1_jpg.html" name="detail">
A long story regarding the companies' origins and goals...

<div id="advert">...</div>

       <li><a target="detail" href="example1_jpg.html"><img src="example1_thmb.jpg /></a></li>
       <li><a target="detail" href="example2_jpg.html"><img src="example2_thmb.jpg /></a></li>
       <li><a target="detail" href="example3_jpg.html"><img src="example3_thmb.jpg /></a></li>
       <li><a target="detail" href="example4_jpg.html"><img src="example4_thmb.jpg /></a></li> </ul>

First of all, this example works more or less the same as the other one, except this time there is no scripting, so could it technically still be called an application?
Secondly, it divides the detail-picture from the thumbnails with oodles of non related content.

Now, if this means the mark-up in this example should be different from the previous example, this means the mark-up is therefore not JUST semantic-related, and that would defy the main intent of HTML5 if I am not mistaken?

I hope I am making my point clear?


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