[whatwg] framesets

Rimantas Liubertas rimantas at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 10:54:40 PDT 2009

> Eh? He didn't say that; you're quoting me.

I did, in fact, at least I meant that.

> Browsers  own bookmarks, database
> users own database table rows, so it must be possible in database
> maintenance webapps to prevent bookmarking of elements which represent
> database table rows. And again, I agree that framesets do not by themselves
> block such bookmarking; they just make it easy to do so.

Framsets do not make it easy. They make it harder to boomkark such URL, but in
no way they make it easier for your app to block it.
You still must to do all the logic on the server side.


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