[whatwg] Transparent Content

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Sat Oct 17 02:52:51 PDT 2009

On Wed, 14 Oct 2009, Yuvalik Webdesign wrote:
> I'll give it one more go. ;-)
> Perhaps you could leave the existing sentence, but add:
> "In short; a transparent element must have the same content model as its 
> parent."
> Or something to that effect?

On Wed, 14 Oct 2009, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> That's still not accurate, though.  ^_^ I mean, it's *correct*, but it's 
> not a summarization of the existing sentence (which is implied by "in 
> short").  Ian pointed out how a transparent element can have children 
> that would match the content model of the parent, but that wouldn't be 
> correct if simply inserted into the parent (the example with <unique>).

On Wed, 14 Oct 2009, Yuvalik Webdesign wrote:
> Hmm, yes.  Oh well. I give up.

You see why I ended up with the complicated text that's in the spec now. :-)

> It's not that important anyway. And with the added example I am sure it 
> will be ok.


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