[whatwg] HTML 5 drag and drop feedback

Francisco Tolmasky francisco at 280north.com
Wed Sep 16 01:23:39 PDT 2009

> Yes, that is a neat solution. However, it is still the case that at  
> this
> time we should not add new features, otherwise we might get too far  
> ahead
> of the implementations, and the quality of implementations will go  
> down.

Since I am new to the list I'm not sure how to interpret the context  
of this type of answer: in other words, does this mean "wait until  
next month" or "wait until HTML 6". Similarly, if it was determined  
that a sufficient number of browsers implemented this existing feature  
to a satisfactory degree, would that itself be enough to request this  
addition again? As you stated, both IE and Safari have this thing  
pretty nailed down for quite a while now already. Firefox has done a  
considerable amount of work to implement this as well and at the very  
least advertises it as a "complete" feature. Is there some way to  
measure the quality of implementations?

> Decisions are made based on their technical merits, it doesn't  
> matter how
> many people support it. :-)

Also being new to the list I feel compelled to ask whether this is  
some sort of meme or inside joke as I have seen it more than once and  
is clearly self-contradictory.



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