[whatwg] Changing punctuation value of input element in telephone state

Davis Peixoto davis.peixoto at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 16:04:48 PDT 2010

Hello fellas,

I agree with Mounir.

Thing is UA is allowed to do that, but without clear rules, this can be a
If for date and time, where we have a lot of formats and standards for
internationalization, how can UA specify and be no type mismatch, if we do
not have any standard about phone numbers?

I mean, american format differs a lot from brazilian, which differs a lot
from indian, which differs from... you got it.

But it would be great if this kind of data becomes part of i18n packages,
meaning that any user, with a UA tunned to its native language can input
that, and let it do the job, like for date and time.

However, not like date, which is a fixed number, phones can vary a lot from
one region to region in length, and prefixes.

I think this is open to UA devs and RFC writers to take care, but I am not
sure if these statements will be useful someday at all due this lack of
pattern among regions.

Hugs, Davis.
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