[whatwg] Changing punctuation value of input element in telephone state

Davis Peixoto davis.peixoto at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 16:48:35 PDT 2010

> Other than that, the only safe alternative would be to leave the
> values untouched, so the page can say what it wants, the user honor
> it, and the server get it as expected; or gracefully degrade to an
> error message that actually points to the user error (rather than an
> error introduced by an UA trying to be out-smart the user).

This goes in the opposite direction from the initial idea of creating a
interface that intend to avoid type mismatches, unfortunately.

> For sites that are ready to sanitize values from a specific locale;
> but which are accessed through an UA with different settings (ie: on a
> public place while abroad), the UA adding locale-specific stuff to a
> phone value is very likely to render whole forms unusables.

I just mentioned another drawback.
Hugs, Davis.
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