[whatwg] requesting clarification for a "navigate with replacement enabled" case

Darin Fisher darin at chromium.org
Wed Apr 7 21:55:21 PDT 2010

Case #1:

var f = document.createElement("iframe");
f.src = "http://foo.com/";

Case #2:

var f = document.createElement("iframe");
f.src = "http://foo.com/";

My interpretation of section 4.8.2 is that in case #1 the iframe should be
navigated with replacment enabled, and in case #2 the iframe should be
navigated without replacement enabled.

I am basing that on the following passage:

"Furthermore, if the process the iframe attributes algorithm was invoked for
> the first time for this element (i.e. as a result of the element being
> inserted into a document), then any navigation required of the user agent in
> that algorithm must be completed with replacement enabled."

That passage only specifies that in case #1 the navigation be completed with
replacement enabled.  It does not apply to the assignment of src in case #2.
 I assume that means that the spec would have the frame navigated without
replacement enabled.

I raise this issue because I observe that Firefox and IE treat case #1 and
#2 the same with respect to whether or not replacement is enabled.  They
enable it for both navigations to http://foo.com/.  WebKit based browsers
(the latest stable Chrome and Safari) also happen to agree, but that's
because they always navigate with replacement enabled when the src attribute
is set, which is a bug.  WebKit nightlies behave differently, and that is
how I stumbled upon this issue.

I believe the spec for "src" assignment should match the spec for

When the assign(url) method is invoked, the UA must resolve the argument,
> relative to the entry script's base URL, and if that is successful, must
> navigate the browsing context to the specified url. *If the browsing
> context's session history contains only one Document, and that was the
> about:blank Document created when the browsing context was created, then the
> navigation must be done with replacement enabled.*

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