[whatwg] "Content-Disposition" property for <a> tags

Dennis Joachimsthaler dennis at efjot.de
Mon Aug 2 10:00:49 PDT 2010

Jeremy Keith <jeremy at adactio.com> wrote:

> Dennis wrote:
>> Yes, but that wouldn't help since I want to force downloads regardless
>> of the browser settings.
> Ah, I see. In that case, I fundamentally disagree with what you are  
> asking for. Final control should be in the hands of the user, not the  
> author.

Don't we already force many things on the user? Of course they can control
everything but nobody really knows what happens in the deep javascript of
any page except for the author or other authors if the JS is not  

I want to force for convenience. This doesn't mean that web masters should  
provide a different way of visiting said content.

It was meant for download pages which often struggle with redirects which
directly open in the browser window.

Or picture galleries, saves you a few clicks. Or any other browser-opened
content like Adobe Flash, PDF of course, insert anything here.

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