[whatwg] Please consider making <summary> more generic/flexible (or renaming)

Andrew Hayward andrew.hayward+whatwg.specs at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 14:20:22 PDT 2010

> Summary: the new <summary> element is very generic sounding but has a
> very special purpose (only allowed inside <details>). It would be
> helpful if we made it more generic, in particular allow use of
> <summary> inside <article> <body> (and perhaps <section>) to provide
> general "summary" text semantics (e.g. this paragraph :), and a
> potential enhancement to the HTML5-to-Atom conversion algorithm.
> Alternatively, we could rename summary inside details to something
> more specific so it won't be confused as a generic-sounding
> element/feature.

In a somewhat related note, following a real-world conversation I had
with Jeremy Keith a short while ago, is there a reason why <summary>
(or the theoretical renamed less generic alternative) isn't being used
inside <figure>s too, instead of another new element (<figcaption>)?
At the time Jeremy wasn't able to give me an answer, but if it's
already been discussed and I just missed it, my apologies.

- Andrew

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