[whatwg] Form validation against invisible controls

TAMURA, Kent tkent at chromium.org
Wed Aug 4 19:13:31 PDT 2010

>> The Chrome bug report is here:
>> http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=45640

> The bug there is that Chrome is filling in a control that isn't visible,
> and, even worse, that it is filling it with a value that the user couldn't
> himself enter manually. That's a bug (two bugs in fact), but it has
> nothing to do with reporting validation errors -- the error should not be
> able to occur.

Please look at the original report and Comment #4.  It is not an auto-fill
Comment #2 is an auto-fill bug and it was moved to another bug entry.

Regardless of the auto-fill bug, we still have compatibility issues and we
can't force authors to update their web pages.  I'm wondering UA should
show a dialog with "The web page has invisible invalid form fields.  Do you
want to submit the form? [Yes] [No]".

Software Engineer, Google

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