[whatwg] HTML resource packages

Christoph Päper christoph.paeper at crissov.de
Fri Aug 6 00:46:47 PDT 2010

Justin Lebar:
> Christoph Päper <christoph.paeper at crissov.de> wrote:
>> Why do you want to put this on the HTML level (exclusively), not the HTTP level?
> If you reference an image from a CSS file and include that CSS file in an HTML file which uses resource packages, the image can be loaded from the resource package.

Yeah, it’s still wrong. 

Resource packages in HTML seem okay for the image gallery use case (and then could be done with ‘link’), but they’re commonly inappropriate for anything referenced from ‘link’, ‘script’ and ‘style’ elements. Your remark on loading order just proves this point: you want resource packages referenced before ‘head’. You should move one step further than the root element, i.e. to the transport layer.

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