[whatwg] input type=ink proposal

Mikko Rantalainen mikko.rantalainen at peda.net
Mon Aug 9 01:27:24 PDT 2010

2010-06-08 19:26 EEST: Charles Pritchard:
> Has there been prior discussion about an input type="ink" form element?
> This element would simply capture coordinates from a mouse (or touch/pen
> input device),
> allowing the user to reset the value of the element at their discretion.
> InkML is in last call:
> http://www.w3.org/TR/InkML/
> Use Case:
> As part of a web form, a user signs their digital signature to confirm
> acceptance of terms.

Uugh.. When I see "digital signature" or "digitally signed", I expect
public key decryption of cryptographic hash of the signed content, not a
digitized image of one's signature. The former cannot be easily forged
as opposed to the latter, which can be copied at will after receiving
the first copy of digitized image for any purpose.

In my opinion, WHATWG or W3C shouldn't provide any tools to make it any
easier to create fake sense of security through digitized images.

If you want digital signatures, do it correctly or don't do it at all!

> Use Case:
> While filling out an online profile, a user submits a simple doodle as
> their avatar.

Has there ever been anybody asking for such a feature? If browsers
supported capturing an image from a web camera, it would be much more
sensible feature for this use case.

> Use Case:
> To quickly log into an online system, a user scribbles a password,
> which their server tests for fidelity to their prior scribbled input.

I believe this is borderline sensible use case, but I think this should
be interal user agent feature: use normal passwords for the login but
use scribbled input for opening password keyring in the user agent (or
operating system).

In short, I don't agree that input type="ink" should be supported.


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