[whatwg] HTML5 (including next generation additions still in development) - Mozilla Firefox (Not Responding)

Boris Zbarsky bzbarsky at MIT.EDU
Wed Aug 11 01:01:08 PDT 2010

On 8/11/10 3:49 AM, Garrett Smith wrote:
> I'm running Firefox 3.6.4 on windows 7

Which has a known performance bug with a particular reasonably rare 
class of DOM mutations.  The only way for the spec to avoid performing 
such mutations is to not add the annotation boxes (which is what it will 
do if you ask it not to load them) or to embed them in the HTML itself 
instead of adding them dynamically.  Or to make them overflow:visible, 
of course...

>> I've tried to tweak the scripts to not be quite as silly in the way they
>> split up the work (in particular, now they won't split up the work if it's
>> being done fast -- in browsers I tested, this reduced the problem just to
>> the restyling being slow, in some cases taking a few seconds).
> Well its still freezing my Firefox.

Ian's change doesn't affect the issue described above, which your 
Firefox still suffers from.

Is this the part where I urge you to try Firefox 4 beta 3 when it comes 
out in a day or two?  ;)

> Looping through the dom on page load is something that is best avoided.

That's not an issue here.

> Most (if not all) of this stuff seems best suite for server-side
> logic.

That's possible; I'm assuming Ian had a reason for setting it up the way 
he did.

> However the freezing seems to be coming from toc.js.



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