[whatwg] Please (re)consider explicitly allowing marking up speaker names with <cite> (new information)

Tantek Çelik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Fri Aug 13 18:59:58 PDT 2010

Summary: there has been longstanding discussion about the use (or not)
of <cite> to markup names of speakers.  From original intent of
<cite>, to references to the Chicago Manual of Style, to the
practicality of it just being an alias for <i>.

I (and others) have done a bunch of research and documentation of
additional examples, discussions, and follow-ups regarding the use of
<cite> for marking up names of speakers, including follow-ups to
common counter-arguments.

Please (re)consider explicitly allowing marking up speaker names with <cite>

More details, use-cases, research here:


I encourage fellow web authors and browser implementers to add their
opinions/comments to that wiki page section, *INSTEAD OF* in an email
thread - as I couldn't even find previous email threads on this topic.



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