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Silvia Pfeiffer silviapfeiffer1 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 15:43:15 PDT 2010

On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 5:12 AM, Julian Reschke <julian.reschke at gmx.de>wrote:

> On 12.08.2010 10:09, Philip Jägenstedt wrote:
>> ...
>> The core "problem" is that WebSRT is far too compatible with existing SRT
>> usage. Regardless of the file extension and MIME type used, it's quite
>> improbable that anyone will have different parsers for the same format. Once
>> media players have been forced to handle the extra markup in WebSRT (e.g. by
>> ignoring it, as many already do) the two formats will be the same, and using
>> WebSRT markup in .srt files will just work, so that's what people will do.
>> We may avoid being seen as arrogant format-hijackers, but the end result is
>> two extensions and two different MIME types that mean exactly the same
>> thing.
> > ...
> (just observing...)
> So when something that used to be plain text now carries markup, what's the
> compatibility story for plain text that happens to contain markup
> characters, such as "<", ">" or "&"?
> Best regards, Julian

I assume you mean: what happens to text that contains such characters? In
most SRT systems, such stuff will just be displayed verbatim.

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