[whatwg] Have tabstrip / tab elements been discussed?

E.J. Zufelt lists at zufelt.ca
Fri Aug 27 21:54:06 PDT 2010

Good evening,

I am rather new to this list and am curious if anytime recently there has been discussion about adding tabstrip and tab elements to the html5 spec?  The concept of a tabstrip is a rather commonly used UI component on the web (web-applications, content management systems, facetted searches) and it would be particularly useful for accessibility if we could communicate the semantics of the tabstrip through markup.

My definition for a tabstrip is a collection of items (tabs) of which one is "active" or "selected", each tab usually will perform an action when activated.

Possible markup for tabs with no function (informational only).

  <tab selected>Orange</tab>

For active elements like links anchor or buttons could be used within each tab.

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