[whatwg] @srcdoc and default @sandbox

Tab Atkins Jr. jackalmage at gmail.com
Tue Aug 31 17:03:16 PDT 2010

2010/8/31 Kornel Lesiński <kornel at geekhood.net>:
> On 31.08.2010, at 23:39, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
>>>>> At least as currently drafted, srcdoc is not a security feature. It's a
>>>>> convenience feature. It is also designed to work well in tandem with a
>>>>> particular security feature (sandbox). But by itself, it is not a security
>>>>> feature.
>>>> Data URLs already provide this.
>>> What about existing UAs that implement data: URIs, but not sandbox?
>> What about them?
>> (Remember, the context of the "use data urls" suggestion was to solve
>> the minority use-case of wanting to fill an <iframe> without a network
>> request, without triggering sandboxing.)
> Yes, it's OK for data without sandboxing.


> However, "inline data without sandboxing" does not cover all use cases of srcdoc.

It covers very few use-cases, actually.  @srcdoc is meant to address
the case of "inline data *with* sandboxing".

> There's another use case of "inline data _with_ sandboxing and fallback for HTML4 UAs", for which data: URI currently cannot provide.

Indeed; that's what @srcdoc is for.

Could you be clearer about what point you're trying to make?  What
use-case are you trying to address that you think the suggestion in
this thread (make @srcdoc imply @sandbox) is incompatible with?  At
the moment it appears that you're confused about the goal of the
change I'm suggesting, but I could just be missing something.


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