[whatwg] Exposing spelling/grammar suggestions in contentEditable

Adrian Sutton adrian.sutton at ephox.com
Fri Dec 3 14:19:03 PST 2010

On 3 Dec 2010, at 22:06, Charles Pritchard wrote:
> Yes, I understand that.
> Your statement relates to a defect in the current flexibility of the "context menu".
> I fully understand that, you wouldn't need the context menu to be more flexible, if you had access to suggestions, as you have your own custom context menu implemented.

That's not the way I see it.  Right now I'm perfectly happy with the complete flexibility I have in the context menu. I don't want to try and tie in with the browser's context menu because that will reduce the flexibility.

> Recognizing that "suggestions" can not be shared with the DOM, the alternative is to address defects in the context menu.
> It seems to me that were the context menu more easily manipulated via scripting, your use requirement (having suggestions) would be handled without exposing the suggestions to the DOM.

If I were able to script the context menu, and the context menu contains the spelling suggestions then the spelling suggestions are effectively in the DOM.

> Still, your use case does require that spelling ranges be made available.

If I use the current approach of replacing the context menu then yes.  If I'm scripting an existing context menu then no - if it's a spelling error the suggestions will already be in the context menu and I won't need to do anything special with them (but I would have to remove every *other* menu and add my own custom ones).

I really don't see why if spelling suggestions are a security/privacy concern this couldn't be an opt-in feature like local storage is. That said, I've also not been convinced of the privacy or security concerns beyond just making sure you don't run a buggy/insecure spell checker (much like you shouldn't run a buggy/insecure browser).  As has been noted, the information such as user language and OS/Browser type is pretty trivial to determine through a range of other means.


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