[whatwg] [hybi] Websocket algorithmic specification

Greg Wilkins gregw at webtide.com
Wed Feb 3 14:08:59 PST 2010

Jamie Lokier wrote:
> Greg Wilkins wrote:
>>  send the following bytes to the remote server
>>  47 45 54 20
>> A literal reading of the spec would interpret that as
>> meaning that the bytes actually have to be sent, while
>> any sane implementation is going to append the bytes to
>> a buffer to be sent/flushed sometime later.
>> Does this mean that ws server could validly reject a
>> handshake as non compliant if these bytes arrived
>> in the same packet as the subsequent bytes?
> No, because TCP does not preserve write boundaries.

I know that... you know that..... but will the script kiddie
trying his hand at writing his own server know that?

Anyway, I think the point is moot, as Ian has been
adding text to the spec (in imperative voice :) to
specify what "send" means.


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