[whatwg] Canvas flash-powered implementation for IE

Evgeny Burzak buzzilo at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 09:31:32 PST 2010


as Ilmari pointed out in his letter some.. hmm.. time ago [1] Canvas spec
is missed method isPointInStroke(). It is _important_ thing as this
will be used for generating dynamic charts and graphs. For the moment,
selecting some point on a curve is not trivial problem...
(Although my real intention was to make simple graphics editor for
the web, but without isPointInStroke() it is impossible so far.)

In addition, i allow to use flash blend modes [2] in Canvas implementation 
for IE [3], so could it be added in specs too?
Also renamed globalCompositeOperation:
* lighter -> add
* darker -> subtract
* source-over -> normal

project page: http://code.google.com/p/fxcanvas/

[1] http://lists.whatwg.org/htdig.cgi/whatwg-whatwg.org/2007-December/013534.html
[2] http://livedocs.adobe.com/flash/9.0/ActionScriptLangRefV3/flash/display/BlendMode.html
[3] http://burzak.com/pro/fxcanvas/tests/test_flash_blendmodes.html


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