[whatwg] Web-sockets + Web-workers to produce a P2P website or application

Andrew de Andrade andrew at deandrade.com.br
Fri Jan 22 03:48:37 PST 2010

On 22/01/2010, at 07:08, Ivan Žužak <izuzak at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 03:33, Andrew de Andrade
> <andrew at deandrade.com.br> wrote:
>> comments inline
>>> - A naive P2P implementation won't provide good throughput or  
>>> latency
>>> because you might end up downloading files from a mobile phone on  
>>> the
>>> other side of the world rather than a high performance CDN node  
>>> inside
>>> your local ISP. That sucks for users and also sucks for your ISP who
>>> will probably find their transit links suddenly saturated and their
>>> nice cheap peering links with content providers sitting idle.
>> Any ideas on how this could be resolved?
>> I figure if the application is popular enough, the peers could be
>> geographically tagged using the "GPS" functionality of HTML5. Clients
>> would automatically get better connections and throughput and
>> preference if they choose to make their location available to the
>> "torrent" server so that peers can look up peers nearby.
> Good idea. Also, not all content would be declared to be served by
> clients. E.g. the index page of a web application could be served by
> the origin server, while some other content (scripts? images?) linked
> to from the index page could be fetched from nearby clients (e.g. when
> the client requests the index page from the server, the server could
> also point to nearby clients serving images).
> Ivan

All these complementary features of HTML5 are one reason I figured  
that this may be an interesting idea to suggest here instead of the  
IETF, however it's entirely possible that this idea should be  
implemented at both the browser and the web application level. Clearly  
it doesn't make sense to make every web app developer implement a lot  
of the heavy p2p work at the application layer, on the other hand  
features like geolocation, manifests, etc may be complementary  
features to make this idea more robust and performatic.

another idea maybe to have the web app's "bittorrent" file added as a  
server side include in the index.html file just like CSS files are,  
thus giving the browser an option on how to best handle the page.

Andrew de Andrade

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