[whatwg] [Input type=submit] "Disable" after submitting

Aaron Bassett me at aaronbassett.com
Tue Jan 26 07:31:17 PST 2010

> However it's not always essential (e.g. for idempotent actions or in chat
> applications) and in these cases authors may be OK with weak protection.
> There are benefits of client-side prevention regardless of server-side
> validation:

I agree, I even stated the same in my original response

"The reason for client-side validation is to improve the user
experience, it allows for common data entry problems to be detected
and the user notified without a round trip to the server."

I am simply saying that in this particular case (detecting multiple
form submissions) there is no benefit I can see to the end-user in
disabling the submit button. Let them click it a dozen times if it
makes them feel better (like pushing the call button on a lift to make
it arrive faster!) If your server-side validation is done correctly it
will make no difference.





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