[whatwg] HttpOnly cookie for WebSocket?

Salvatore Loreto salvatore.loreto at ericsson.com
Thu Jan 28 03:03:51 PST 2010

Hi Ian,

first I think it would be better have and maintain both whatwg and hybi 
mailing list in any conversation
related to WebSocket

at the BoF in Hiroshima there was a clear consensus from all the 
(both the one physically present  and the one remotely attending via 
streaming and chat)
to move the WebSocket standardization work within IETF community.
To be clear, the IETF community is not a closed community, all the 
people involved in the
discussion (especially in the mail discussion) are the one forming the 
IETF community.

the fact that there are already implementation of WebSocket (based on 
the current draft)
already or ready to be shipped in browsers and servers is a good news,
that highlight even more the need to have a clear standard document;
so just to say one of the HyBi wg intention is to gather all the 
experiences from people that have
implemented WebSocket so to eventually improve (if and only if 
necessary) the current draft.

having said that, the work on HTTPState is also done within IETF community,
so discuss about the possible usage of HTTPState in WebWocket in the 
same community can
give the possibility to people involved in HTTPState to express their 
opinion and provide their comments


On 01/28/2010 11:07 AM, Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Jan 2010, Salvatore Loreto wrote:
>> a new IETF wg has been formed to take care of WebSocket protocol
>> HyBi: http://tools.ietf.org/wg/hybi/charters
>> So, this issue is something it should be discussed there
>> (btw I am forwdard it to the HyBi ml)
>> N.B. to subscribe to the HyBi ml: https://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/hybi
> The WHATWG is still actively working on the WebSocket protocol, as we are
> with all of the specifications listed in the FAQ:
>     http://wiki.whatwg.org/wiki/FAQ#What_are_the_various_versions_of_the_spec.3F
> ...and feedback on the WebSocket protocol is therefore very welcome on
> this mailing list. (Indeed, I continue to track all e-mails sent to this
> list and will reply to all substantial feedback sent to it.)
> As a side note, it's unclear exactly what the HyBi group is actually going
> to be working on. The timetable listed on the charter linked above is
> clearly at odds with reality; WebSocket is already shipping in Chrome and
> is ready to be shipped in two other browsers, and multiple servers are
> already available, so clearly March 2011 for a last call isn't really
> workable (especially since the spec reached last call at the WHATWG in
> 2009 -- the main thing missing now is test cases). However, I encourage
> anyone interested in Web Sockets to participate in the HyBi group, and
> indeed discussion of their timetable is probably best had there.

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