[whatwg] api for fullscreen()

Boris Zbarsky bzbarsky at MIT.EDU
Thu Jan 28 19:20:52 PST 2010

On 1/28/10 10:06 PM, Kit Grose wrote:
>> 1) Should be convenient for authors to make any element in a page display fullscreen
>> 2) Should support in-page activation UI for discoverability
>> 3) Should support changing the layout of the element when you enter/exit fullscreen mode. For example, authors probably want some controls to be fixed size while other content fills the screen.
>> 4) Should accommodate potential UA security concerns, e.g. by allowing the transition to fullscreen mode to happen asynchronously after the user has confirmed permission
> A couple of points:
> Regarding point 1, surely any fullscreen API should only support block-level elements?

Block-level in what sense?  <img> is not block-level in any sense; One 
could argue that <video> and <object> are "block-level" in HTML terms, 
but it's context-dependent (they can contain blocks if their parent 
can).  None of these are block-level in the CSS sense, by default.


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