[whatwg] More YouTube response

Mike Wilcox mike at mikewilcox.net
Mon Jul 5 13:55:23 PDT 2010

It's the iPhone and especially the iPad which has really pushed the adoption of HTML5 video. And afaik, you can't install WebM on them. To me (and my company) that's where the issue lies.

Mike Wilcox
mike at mikewilcox.net

On Jul 5, 2010, at 3:46 PM, Shane Fagan wrote:

>> Internet Explorer 9 will not support VP8 unless the user manually
>> installs the codec.  This puts it at the same level of support as
>> Safari has for Theora, as far as I know.  So even if we assume every
>> user upgraded to the latest alphas of the browser they used, H.264 is
>> supported by about 65% of users' browsers, and VP8 by about 40%.  Of
>> course, in reality, less than half of users' browsers support <video>
>> at all right now, and given IE uptake rates, that's only going to
>> change slowly.
> For windows maybe there should be a .exe/.msi with the entire package of
> VP8+Theora+Vorbis or just VP8+Vorbis to make it easier to install but
> adoption isnt really our issue thats Microsoft's issue if WebM takes
> off. I dont foresee it being any harder than Adobe Flash to install for
> the regular user so websites could just direct users to the download if
> they dont have it already.
> Oh and IE is dropping in use according to the media over the past 3
> months ever since the browser selection screen came so its becoming less
> of an issue in time. 
> --fagan

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