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Nils Dagsson Moskopp nils-dagsson-moskopp at dieweltistgarnichtso.net
Mon Jul 5 15:42:13 PDT 2010

Shane Fagan <shanepatrickfagan at ubuntu.com> schrieb am Mon, 05 Jul 2010
17:20:12 +0100:

> If I remember correctly and dont ask me for a link to where I read it
> but the problem is still patent suits I believe. MPEG-LA as soon as
> they heard about the VP8 codec open sourcing they said they were
> getting a patent pool together to challenge its adoption anywhere.

MPEG LA cannot allow other video formats to succeed; that would hurt
the fundamental purpose of the organisation. Considering this, it was
entirely expected.

> Although I believe that there is nothing to worry about because
> Google has a huge patent pool to fight back with. 

First, Google "fighting back" is pure speculation. Second, VP8 getting
attacked by MPEG LA (which would be a prerequisite for that scenario)
is pure speculation as well. As far as I am aware of the issue, nothing
has happened yet.

> I think this issue is still a huge sticking point for everyone and I
> dont see a resolution other than to let everyone use whats comfortable
> and see what sticks.

That is, if anything sticks at all.

> Its a waiting game im afraid but as for adding
> webm to the HTML5 spec I still dont think we can add it at this stage

As Hixie has stated, HTML5 is primarlily a descriptive specification,
not a prescriptive one. If vendors cannot agree for one reason or
another, then something will not be specced.

The only reasonable behaviour for web masters who wish to excert their
influence would be to not support specific clients, same as many pages
prompt you to upgrade Flash.

Speaking for myself, the 3% or whatever Safari users coming to my blog
are advised to install Xiph codecs to be able to check out my Podcast
(please, no etymological arguments about the perceived iPod heritage of
that word). But then I do not run a commercial operation — porn site
operators will probably use every fallback they can and quickly adapt
to new and relevant clients like the iPad.

> As for Apple not picking it up you would have to ask someone at Apple.
> Id say its still the threat from MPEG-LA's patent pool that still
> hasnt attacked Theora like it said it would a few years back so it
> seems like an empty threat to me. 

May Apple engineers on this list chime in and tell us if patent
uncertainity is still an issue ? AFAIK neither Google, nor Mozilla, nor
Apple have had difficulties. Or should I write to Apple legal
regarding this query ?

Nils Dagsson Moskopp // erlehmann
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